Solutions grounded in reality

Technocratic interventions and solutions fail because they are not designed appropriately for the context in which they are deployed and used. There is an unrealistic fascination with scale and less patience to go through the hard and messy process of learning and collaboratively creating solutions.


Our environments shape our thinking

All of our current team have lived mostly in cities. But a lot of our customers live in rural areas. Effectively serving them and designing appropriate solutions requires us to be close to them. We do travel and spend significant and quality time in rural setups.

Open Source

All of our work is open source so far, including the work owned by our clients. We respect our client's decision if they do not feel comfortable open sourcing their work - but we do try to explain the public benefit of doing so.

Local capacity development

Technology interventions are infamous for winning awards but not making a lasting impact. There are many reasons behind this and lack of local self-sufficient capacity is an important one, for the promising interventions. Usually, this is neglected but we enjoy developing local capacity.

Co-operative working

We work in a co-operative manner, each Samanvay member behaves and is encouraged to behave like the owner of Samanvay.