• We are a group of professionals with experience in technology, health, non-profit and government. We are driven by our goal to create a just and equitable world.

    Our belief is that there are no quick technocratic solutions for poverty. Hence, we engage in long-term partnerships that are focused on learning, research and development instead of being overly obsessed with scaling.

    We partner with governments, non-profit and philanthropic organisations.

    Technology Solutions

    We have experience of designing and developing technology solutions that are appropriate for low-resource setups - by applying innovative but promising technologies. We are acutely aware of lack of resources to fund software projects - hence our focus is to create solutions that benefit multiple organisations (NGOs) or states (Government).

    Our team members have experience of making large-scale software systems for businesses, Indian and International public organsations and governments. We have been part of teams that created hospital systems, micro-credit platforms, national health record systems and mHealth platforms.


    We provide program management services, software architecture consulting, coaching for software development teams and system requirement scoping and analysis. Our industry experience allows us to bring these services to our clients/partners in governments and non-profits.


    We strive to understand the ground realities of how things currently are in our society and in different communities. We try to learn about prevailing social, economic and public service issues. Towards this, we undertake work with our partners and clients in their research endeavours.

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    Samanvay Research and Development Foundation

    Non-profit technology start-up, registered as Section-8, India. (Bangalore)