About Us

We have experience of designing and developing technology solutions that are appropriate for low-resource setups - by applying promising and appropriate technologies. We are also acutely aware of lack of resources to fund software development - hence our focus is to create or support open source products and platforms that can benefit multiple organisations and Governments.


Samanvay team also has prior experience of making large-scale software systems for businesses, Indian and international public organisations, and governments. It has experience of creating hospital systems, micro-credit platforms, national health record systems and frontline health worker platforms.


We strive to understand the ground realities in our society, economy, public services and technology implementation. We take end to end responsibilities in our work inclusive of - operations, implementation, support, user training, governance of systems and impact assessment.

Our team

Pradipta Kundu

20+ years of experience in the software industry as a consultant, program manager and client partner mostly at ThoughtWorks. Six years of experience in managing projects for NGOs and governments in health.

Vivek Singh

20+ years of experience in the software industry as a software architect, consultant, and product manager - mostly at ThoughtWorks. 10 years of experience in developing technology solutions for NGOs and governments.



Dr. Suresh Reddy

16 years of clinical and public health experience in RMNCH and HIV/AIDS domains. Project Management and Implementing National Health programs, IT in Health Care and Rural Health Care Design, development and implementation of small to large scales survey projects

Arjun Khandelwal

13 years of experience as software developer and consultant mostly at ThoughtWorks. Extensive field experience in implementing software.

Vinay Venu

14 years of experience in the IT industry as a developer and architect. Instrumental in making Bahmni and Avni.

Charles John

Software Engineer with broad experience in media production, product development, creative writing, and entrepreneurship.

Abhishek Verma

Co-creator, product designer and developer of Maatritva (before joining Samanvay). Experienced in field implementation of technology in Government set up.

Garima Dosar

Co-creator of Maatritva (before joining Samanvay). Rolled out nurses field app. Analyst on Avni.

Vinod Deolal

Data engineer, Developer on Avni.

Nupoor Khandelwal

Mobile application development

Sachin Kadam

Implementation Engineer