Samanvay is engaged in development, implementation, and support of various open-source platforms with various partner organisations. Our mission is to help create high-quality technology platforms in public space.


Most of the field-based work of NGOs and Government relies on the people who work in the field. Such work requires - data collection, data access, work schedule management, decision support and monitoring. Avni is an open-source product for the field workers and program coordinators. Avni has had high usage in health, but now it is also getting used in other sectors.


Avni was conceived by Samanvay and developed with the support from funding organisations and software development partners. Samanvay provides all services required along with Avni.


Bahmni is open-source hospital information and electronic medical record system. Samanvay team members were pivotal in developing this system and are currently support Bahmni deployments for its NGO hospital partners in India. Samanvay team members are helping run Bahmni Community.


Gunak is a platform for quality assessment and reporting for public hospitals and health centres. It is used for national programs like LaQshya (Labour room Quality improvement), Kayakalp (Swatchhata Guidelines) and NQAS (quality assurance).

Gunak, an open-source platform, developed with collaboration NHSRC and Jan Swasthya Sahyog. The app is available on PlayStore and AppStore.

Gunak is owned by NHSRC but is also open source. Vivek who works for Samanvay (in his individual capacity) developed Gunak. Samanvay has further enhanced the product for the needs for Jan Swasthya Sahyog, helping them in performing assessments for public hospitals in MP and Chhattisgarh.