Who we are

We are a group of professionals with experience in technology, social sector, rural, government and public health. We create solutions combining our experience of technology and grassroots context.

How we work

We believe that there are no quick technocratic solutions towards social development. Therefore, engaging in long-term partnerships with grassroots and their supporting organisations is how we work. We understand core problems and appropriately employ technology to alleviate them.

We work with governments, nonprofits and philanthropic organisations.

We bring more than technology to you

We bring our experience in software architecture, hands-on programming, product development, open-source ecosystem, public policy and low resource context - to all the work we do.

Samanvay team combined has prior experience of making large-scale software systems for businesses, Indian and international public organisations, and governments. We have created hospital systems, micro-credit platforms, national health record systems and frontline health worker platforms - in the social sector.